Welcome Home John Forté!

January 26, 2009

Read Grammy Nominated John Forté‘s experiences of coming back home for the first time in 7 years. The world missed you fam, welcome back.

First Day out of Prison by John Forté

Compliments of The Daily Beast


Click on the picture to view the video

Toronto & Somalia’s own K’Naan is coming out with his new studio album entitled Troubadour. The new song ABC’s has been blazing the radio and is finally out with a music video to complement it. Click on the picture to check it out, and if you haven’t heard of K’Naan yet (it you’ve been sleeping under a rock) click here and here.


Ever wanna play Where’s Waldo in real life? This is a 1,474 Megapixel full screen view of Obama’s Inauguration in D.C. on January 20th 2009. Picture taken by David Bergman The detail on this is bananas, and if you got a sharp eye, you can even spot Denzel Washington & P.Diddy!

Click here if you want to feel like you were there.

drake n wayne

Stolen From OVO:

Drake feat. Santogold & Lil’ Wayne – Unstoppable (remix)

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Produced by Diplo. This is the last joint we are leaking before the tape drops.

So Far Gone coming Soon.

Gonna be crazy! Sounds like an album so far.

Shouts to October’s Very Own

Jim Jones

Jim Jones latest single from the album Pray IV Reign, coming out soon.

Jim Jones – Na Na (dirty)